Hello there!

I am a doctoral researcher in the Computer Vision team at Naver Labs Europe and the THOTH team at Inria Grenoble, working with my amazing supervisors Diane Larlus, Karteek Alahari and Yannis Kalantidis. My studies focus on two particular ways in learning visual representations: self-supervised learning (to learn from unlabeled data) and vision + language (to learn from textual supervision).

I received my M.Sc. degree from the Computer Engineering Department at Bilkent University. During my master, I worked with R. Gokberk Cinbis on various machine learning problems. I feel lucky and proud of being one of his students.

I received my B.Sc. from the Electrical and Electronics Engineering Department at Anadolu University (now Eskisehir Technical University) in 2016, where my thesis project was supervised by Ömer Nezih. Besides, during my final year at Anadolu, I as a Visean! For this hands-on experience, I am grateful to Cihan Topal


  • 12/20 - New preprint Concept Generalization in Visual Representation Learning is available on arXiv. [Project website]

  • 09/20 - Our work Hard Negative Mixing for Contrastive Learning is accepted to Advances in Neural Information Processing Systems (NeurIPS) 2020. [Project website]

  • 08/20 - Our work Learning Visual Representations with Caption Annotations is accepted to European Conference on Computer Vision (ECCV) 2020. [Project website]

  • 03/20 - Our work Key Protected Classification for Collaborative Learning is accepted as a journal paper at Pattern Recognition. [Paper], [arXiv], [Code]

  • 09/19 - I joined Naver Labs Europe as a researcher.

  • 07/19 - I received the intern day 2019 session-1 winner award at NAVER LABS Europe, yeey!

  • 03/19 - A paper accepted at CVPR’19: Gradient Matching Generative Networks for Zero-Shot Learning (oral presentation), [Paper], [Code]

  • 02/19 - I joined the Computer Vision team at NAVER LABS Europe as an intern to study under the supervision of Dr. Diane Larlus and Dr. Julien Perez.

  • 10/18 - Our translation of Deep Learning book by Goodfellow et al has been published.